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Collin Stachura Niagra College, Body Building
“Well this is now month 2 of using one of the most revolutionary workout aids I've ever used in my whole entire life keep checking out my profile and I'll be posting more more about it and go visit their page, it's completely changed my life when it comes to working out."Youtube Video
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Seal Grinder Navy Seal Training, Seal Grinder
SGPT will be using LactiGo on the upcoming 250 mile Mtn bike ride across Florida to raise funds for Navy SEAL Foundation on Dec 5th.@LactiGo @LactiGoGel
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Frankie Defilippis Wrestling, Team Ramos
After over a month of taking LactiGo, Quest Labs in Villa Park, IL tested me, the results proved that LactiGo is a clean product. I immediately sent my brother Tony LactiGo to try; he too couldn’t believe that results. He absolutely loves LactiGo; he says if he misses a spot on his body he can totally tell where it wasn’t applied.
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Jasen Ono, Body Building,
“My honest opinion is that... it's insane! haha I've bustled through some new pr's, especially higher rep (endurance) training.
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Cody Carlson Cincinatti Cyclones, Pro Hockey
“Ever since I started using LactiGo I feel faster, stronger, and I definitely feel an improvement in my recovery from game to game and practice to practice. Use LactiGo - it works!"Youtube Video
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